Audio Conference Phones

Easy Conferencing, Clear Communication

The key to effective collaborations is being able to hear and understand other participants clearly. Yealink’s audio conferencing solutions are designed to encourage productive remote collaboration, and address the challenges of achieving a balance among quality, user experience and affordability. Yealink Audio Conference Phones cater to various meeting environments. Whether it is for large meeting rooms, small meeting rooms or wireless huddle rooms, customers will easily find the right choice with Yealink, as each Yealink Conference Phone is equipped with Yealink Noise Proof Technology and comes with three microphone arrays, advanced features and a user-friendly design.

Yealink Conference Phone Flyer

Yealink CP930W Wireless DECT Conference Phone
71,875.00 Kshs 71,875.00 Kshs 71875.0 KES
Yealink CP960 Conference IP Phone
84,325.00 Kshs 84,325.00 Kshs 84325.0 KES
Yealink CP920 Conference IP Phone
59,950.00 Kshs 59,950.00 Kshs 59950.0 KES
Yealink CP960-WirelessMic Conference IP Phone
106,550.00 Kshs 106,550.00 Kshs 106550.0 KES
Yealink CP930W Wireless DECT Conference Phone with Base
76,575.00 Kshs 76,575.00 Kshs 76575.0 KES