No product range is complete without the supporting components that allow them to work in different environments or easily replace wear-and-tear items. Yealink offers an extensive range of accessories and peripherals to suit all their products. This includes everything from simple items such as curly cords for those tangled cord nightmares, to expansion modules and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi dongles. What ever your requirements are, Yealink has a component for your situation.

Yealink BT40 BT USB Dongle
3,956.00 KSh 3,956.00 KSh 3956.0 KES
Special Offer
Yealink BT50 BT USB Dongle
4,238.90 KSh 4,239.00 KSh 4239.0 KES
Yealink CPE80 Wired Expansion Microphone
18,848.50 KSh 18,849.00 KSh 18849.0 KES
Special Offer
Yealink CPW90 Wireless Expansion Mic
28,097.95 KSh 28,098.00 KSh 28098.0 KES
Yealink YCC Spiral Coil Cord
610.65 KSh 611.00 KSh 611.0 KES
Yealink WF40 WIFI USB Dongle
3,184.35 KSh 3,184.00 KSh 3184.0 KES
Yealink YLPOE30 PoE Adapter
4,643.70 KSh 4,644.00 KSh 4644.0 KES
Yealink DD10K DECT USB Dongle
2,321.85 KSh 2,322.00 KSh 2322.0 KES
Yealink EHS36 Headset Adapter
3,876.65 KSh 3,877.00 KSh 3877.0 KES
Special Offer
Yealink EXP20 Expansion Module
14,280.70 KSh 14,281.00 KSh 14281.0 KES
Special Offer
Yealink EXP39 Expansion Module
13,120.35 KSh 13,120.00 KSh 13120.0 KES
Yealink EXP40 Expansion Module
16,718.70 KSh 16,719.00 KSh 16719.0 KES
Yealink EXP50 Expansion Module
10,946.85 KSh 10,947.00 KSh 10947.0 KES
Yealink EXP43 Expansion Module
9,952.10 KSh 9,952.00 KSh 9952.0 KES
Yealink PSU-5V-0.60A Power Adapter
678.50 KSh 679.00 KSh 679.0 KES
Power Adapter for Yealink T19P / T21P / T23P / T23G / W52P / T40P / T40G / W56P / W56H / W60B
This is NOT required if you use a PoE Switch
Yealink PSU-5V-1.2A Power Adapter
1,017.75 KSh 1,018.00 KSh 1018.0 KES
Power Adapter for Yealink IP Phone T20P/ T22P/ T26P/ T27P/ T27G/ T28P/ T41P/ T42G/ T41S/ T42S/ T53/ T53W/ T55A
This is NOT required if you use a PoE Switch
Yealink PSU-5V-2A Power Adapter
1,696.25 KSh 1,696.00 KSh 1696.0 KES
Power Adapter for Yealink T29G / T32G / T38G / T46G / T48G and T54W / T57W.
This is NOT required if you use a PoE Switch
Yealink RT20 DECT repeater
14,234.70 KSh 14,235.00 KSh 14235.0 KES
Special Offer