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Teltonika provides a wide range of excellent quality accessories including antennas, power supply adapters and mounting solutions designed to be fully compatible with Teltonika Networking products. In case you need a solution that is not on our list – please contact us and we will be glad to help.

Teltonika PR317UKA UK 2-pin Power Supply 62W for TSW200
5,050.00 Kshs 5,050.00 Kshs 5050.0 KES
This is an automotive power supply with 2-pins. Compatible with 2 Pin Teltonika Routers.
Teltonika PR318EUA EU 2 pin Power Supply 130W for TSW200
13,400.00 Kshs 13,400.00 Kshs 13400.0 KES
Desktop AC Adapters EU 2-pin power supply, 130W
Teltonika PR320UKA UK 2 pin Power Supply 250W for TSW200
23,325.00 Kshs 23,325.00 Kshs 23325.0 KES
Desktop AC Adapters UK 3-pin power supply, 250W